Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mind control, cos Jean felt like having brunch...

Uncanny X-men # 131, just before the Dark Phoenix saga. The X-men were introduced to two new female mutants who would go on to become future members of the team.

First, they ran into the light generating songstress Dazzler and then, there's Kitty Pryde. She was just 13 years old and had only barely begun to understand her phasing powers. Yet, the X-men showed up at her parents' doorstep anyway to whisk her away, only to be met by some initial scepticism from her parents...

I suppose that's only understandable. Who would jump at the chance to send their children off to a private school ran by a creepy, bald headmaster who drops by your house, accompanied by a white haired African American woman, a small, gruff Canadian and a blushing, dumbstruck Russian?

But lo and behold, once Jean and Scott made an appearance, the Prydes practically packed Kitty's suitcase for her. That is... after Jean mental convincing. Yes, Jean caused Kitty to join the team.

Cyclops is shocked at her behaviour, Charles is dumbstruck. And Jean? She just wanted a free lunch out of the whole deal.

Of course, in retrospect this wasn't Jean at all, but the Phoenix Force posing as her... A few issues after this, Phoenix' ravenous hunger flared up and only got stilled after she was finished snacking on a star.

How's that for brunch fixings, Carmen?

Smart girl!

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