Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mesmerizingly magnetic mindcontrol

Disclaimer: Chris Claremont did not create the mindcontrolling mutant Mesmero. He was one of Roy Thomas' creations near the end of the original X-men run.

In this story, Mesmero is gunning for revenge by enthralling the entire team. He first nailed Jean Grey in the train station and then forced her to lead him back home, to enslave the rest of the team. He succeeded in mindgrabbing them all and took his revenge by forcing them to work in a circus.

That's where former X-man Beast found them. Mesmero tried to take over Beast as well and would have succeeded, if not for Magneto. The mutant master of magnetism suddenly showed up, wanting to humiliate the X-men all by himself... After dismissing Mesmero, he abducted the team to his hidden base in Antarctica where he easily knocked them all out.

And when they came to... this happened.

Yup... rescued from one source of mindcontrol, only to be subjected to another. Magneto had them chained  up in special chairs that reduced their minds to the state of a mere infant.

Such a classy form of mind control... Being mentally aware, but stuck in the body of a toddler. And how about that robotic Mary Poppins' style nursemaid...

I'm guessing she even had to change them, which begs the unforgivable question: do healing factors take care of diaper rash?

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