Monday, October 27, 2008

Empath and his amazing friend

Say what you will about Empath, but the mind-manipulating Hellion sure had the right idea in Uncanny X-men # 193. For a while, Empath was Claremont's go-to-guy when it came to mental manipulations and other mind control shenanigans.

Here, he forced Anjelica Jones (aka Firestar) to not only do his bidding, but also love him unconditionially. Yes folks, it is more than a little disturbing.

Mind you, not as disturbing as the Red Queen loving, SM-enthusiast Empath featured in Brubaker and Fraction's Uncanny X-men run, but hey... It just goes to show that Empath's always had a thing for redheads... That's not just a fetish people, in comics it also counts as good characterisation and scores you major continuity points...

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