Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aaaand we're back...

April truly is the cruellest month...

Guess no one bought the whole 'sorry, I ran out of Claremont comics so please enjoy me posting Kurt Busiek characters repeating themselves' a day before April fool's, right?

Well played... Well played indeed... (Darn it, guess Busiek's rigorous repetition rubbed off on me.)

And in case anyone was actually a little worried: While this site has indeed covered a *lot* of ground in the past 4.5 years, there's still a little more left in the tank. Expect the normal mind control madness to resume momentarily.

What can you expect in the coming weeks? The X-treme X-men will work their way through Intifada, there's the coming of Elias 'you sure I ain't Shadow King?' Bogan, not to mention the two GeNext minis Claremont wrote about the X-men's kids... and last but not least: his 2006's magnum opus X-men: The End. 

So, if you wouldn't mind controlling your anticipation... Let's get on with the show.

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Erik J Kreffel said...

Well played, sir. Jason couldn't get me with all Rob Liefeld, all the time at Marvel 80s, but I tip my hat to you! I guess I am yours, body and soul!