Saturday, May 19, 2012

The eyes have it... under (mind)control

Claremont's penchant for preferential treatment when it comes to his pet characters doesn't limit itself to strong females like Storm, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, Kitty Pryde or Sage... Sometimes, even bad guys get lucky... Even when seemingly nobody ever asked or wondered about them. Needless to say, there's mind control involved in today's entry about... The Eye Killers.

These ominously occular specific homicidal maniacs first appeared during Claremont's run on Doctor Strange, master of the mystic arts. In issue # 38 of his book, Stephen Strange and his disciple Clea encountered two siblings while investigating the murder of Douglas Royce, a friend of their associate Sara Wolfe.

"I must be getting paranoid... they're only students"

Well. Maybe yeah, maybe not.

The doctor and Clea soon learn they're dealing with the Eye Killers... Soul stealing demons from native American lore, cruel and ruthless in their pursuit of controlling and consuming mortal life essences.

Despite a catchy name and flashy eyes, the Eye Killers are no match for the master of the mystic arts... Even though his key to defeating them is about as impressive as waiting a few hours for the actual sun to come up. Still, Strange earned his keep by magically taking care of them permanently. Sort of...

"Perhaps, by the time they return...
 I'll better understand how to fight them"

As resolutions go, that's a corker. Maybe Stephen actually did figure out a way to better fight the soul stealing creatures that are scared by sunlight. But even if he did, he sure neglected to share this information with any of his allies in the superhero community. Check out what happened when the terrible twosome appeared next, this time in Uncanny X-men # 223.

 A little backstory, aka: Previously, on Uncanny X-men... Storm was accidentally shot by an experimental gun that seemingly removed her mutant ability to control the weather. Even though she'd proven herself capable of leading the X-men without super powers, she felt she'd be more of an asset  with her powers restored...

That's why she took a leave of absence to seek out Forge, the inventor of the power nullifier and her one time lover. She was joined on this quest by Nazé, the native american chieftain who had tried and failed to mentor Forge in the magical ways of his people.

Unfortunately, their search for Forge was interruped by the appearance of a scared, young woman and her assailant who proved to be a little more fearsome than they appeared.

And Eye Killers do enjoy the classics when it comes to beating their enemy... so, here goes...

Storm took care of the two demons and that was that... after only two appearances, the saga of the Eye Killers was over. Seems only fitting, because most of us have only two eyes anyway...*

*... ow, that joke killed me.

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Luis Olavo Dantas said...

The Eye Killers did return twice: Doctor Strange #58-59 and Strange Tales #17.