Friday, September 26, 2008

Sauron signals swaying of the mind

And here we are again.

After breaking free, the X-men fought Magneto in his subterranean lair located within an active volcano on Antarctica (such a delightfully retro location for a supervillain headquarters).

During their fight, Magneto's lair was breached and lava started pouring in. The mutant master of Magnetism used his powers to escape unharmed, and left his enemies to die. Phoenix used her powers to get herself and Beast safely to the surface, but the other X-men would surely die...

No, of course not... Cyclops had Storm cool off the lava long enough for him and Banshee to carve a an escape route straight through the crust of the planet... Before long, they ended up in the Savage Land.

There, Chris Claremont wrote a little homage to the Roy Thomas/Neal Adams run, pitting the new X-men against Karl Lykos, better known as the mutate Sauron. He feasts on mutant energies and ow yeah... employs mind control!

All the old tricks are new again as Wolverine's mind is clouded. Logan perceives his teammates as horrible monsters and attacks them.

Naturally, everyone survives...

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